Virtual Meeting between AJC/CeO David Harris and Minister of Diaspora Pandeli Majko

With the aim to intensify the cooperation with the structures of AJC, a virtual meeting was held between the Minister of State for the Diaspora of Albania, Pandeli Majko with the Executive Director of the American Jewish Committee (AJC) / New York, David Harris, and the Director of AJC / Jerusalem Avital Leibovich as well as with the representatives from the Albanian diaspora in America, etc. This virtual meeting was organized by the Embassy of Albania in Israel.

"This meeting served as a starting point to establish a line of communication between the Albanian structures responsible for developing relations with the diaspora, with representatives of the AJC, in order to establish bridges of cooperation between our cocuntries, a special interest has the implementation of the model of the Jewish diaspora." This meeting, as agreed between the participants, will continue with other meetings in Tirana, New York or Israel, on the occasion of organizing next year the Summit with the Diaspora, or in other formats, namely the Coordinating Council for the Diaspora, etc.

In July last year, the Minister of State for the Diaspora, Mr. Pandeli Majko met with a group of representatives of the American Jewish Committee (AJC), chaired by the Executive Director of AJC, Mr. David Harris, attended by AJC / Jerusalem Director Avital Leibovich. During the meeting they discussed the exchange of experiences of the two countries.

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